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A tale never loses in the telling.
Faint heart never won a fair lady...
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The next time my mum calls citing an emergency I'm going to demand photographic proof.

Winning tickets to see Scotland loose at Twickerman in the rugby is one I'd rather miss, especially if it comes with meeting the players afterwards. I don't want to see Richie Grey as more of a kicked pup than I currently do.

We should of won that fucking game! It should of been a drop kick when that froggy bastard of a ref decided to pull his calf not a scrum! And of course it was fucking Wilkinson that won the game.

Yeah, like Flood hadn't been scoring before he was pulled off for that bloody wanker.

The silence when England's little kicking god missed was so satisfying.

We weren't screwed as badly as the Irish (Dewi your team is a bigger bunch of cheaters than Arthur's which is bloody impressive) but we shouldn't have lost by that!

And, of course, my mum managed to blow up her Internet...I don't want to know how. Apparently you can't go on to airline sites on the library computers and, after being out in the rain and snow, I don't think I could make it into town to book flights back.

I don't feel well.

((OOC: REAL LIFE = PLOT didn't get to go to the match but my mum did screan blue murder until I came into the livingroom! Currently standing in fucking snow and rain trying to check email and other shit, like I said in hiatus, no idea when I'll have home Internet again but no idea when it will be back and now I'm shaking because I'm so cold which might equal longer hiatus along the lines of ill...if the job centre doesn't kill me first orz

EDIT: Internet back but ill orz))
9th-Mar-2011 12:43 am - Sanity (or lack of) Hiatus
Right, since I'm now over thinking about over thinking I really think I need to take a few large steps back from the comm.

I'm starting to stress myself out over it and I'd rather not get myself into a proper state.

After staring at Soren's blog for the past few days and deleting  a perfectly okay comment from Arthur's...yeah.

Still going to be online though, you guys are pretty much my only social interaction and I would probably go insane if I lost that.
The plain box was left on the doorstep of the Braginsky household due to Rory being unable to drop it off at Ivan's office the day before with a simple note on top:

Thanks for the help a few months back. Thought you'd like to try Scotland's whisky.

Inside is a bottle of Valt Vodka, two bottles of Irn Bru and two bottles of Lemonade.

That wasn't to say that all four bottles of fizzy were...non alcoholic. Years of hiding alcohol in anyway possible as a teen had meant Rory knew how to remove and reattached bottle lids without any visible sign. One bottle of lemonade had been replace with Beluga though there was just enough lemonade left for bubble reason while one of the Irn Bru's with, well, Vodka and Irn-Bru essentially.

With no visible signs of tampering, there was no reason to get rid of any of the bottles except the obvious.
The next time Dewi goes to check on his sheep he should hopefully since he never did notice the change to Reginald after that bonfire night notice that there's a third sheep in the garden with a bright green spotted bow tie round it's neck with a small card attached.

Happy birthday Dewi

I owe you a lamp post

19th-Feb-2011 10:22 am - [Action/Text] Well, that went well...
Nervous Flirt, Uhhhh
To be honest, Rory wasn't that worried about the storm currently battering Liberty, especially as she had been drinking for a good hour in the local pub in Vichy Plaza before heading for supplies and home. Memories of staying at any of her island cousins' homes while storm raged made this one seem not quite as back as it was. Keeping a tight hold of her two bags, one containing her Chinese takeaway meal (chicken fried rice and a portion of mushrooms in gravy sauce plus a cheap plastic fork), the other her alcohol for the evening (vodka, whisky and that pisswater America called beer), she made it to Tailles D'or Condos and the lift just as the storm began to truly pick up.

The lift had been about to reach her floor when it came to a shuddering stop and, with her balance compromised by the alcohol, left Rory to give the metal wall of the lift a Glasow Kiss.

The lift won that one as Rory crumpled slightly over the force she had hit the wall with, her bottles of pisswater and whisky smashing against the floor.

She didn't know how long she had been out for when the lift had stopped (couldn't remember when she got in) only that, as of right now, she was trapped in a small, metal boxthat stunk of alcohol. After a several deep breaths and a hesitant tap to the head (at least she wasn't bleeding she concluded) she pulled out her phone, an old motorola from before WAP had begun, and, after a few fail calls to her family's land phones (and the repair man downstairs) started texting.

Here be textsCollapse )
good old days...
I don't understand. How did he find


What right does he have to get mad with me? I wasn't the one who cheated.

We aren't together so he has no right to get annoyed at what happens in my sex life.

"Brothers before whores" or whatever they call it was obviously the priority a few weeks back. It was his place, I wasn't going to kick up a fuss if that was what he was hoping for me to do. I spent the whole time there on his couch for Christ sake.

Was he expecting me to break down?

He doesn't understand.

She makes me feel safe and wanted and....I can't explain it...

I like being around her...more than like.

I don't want to...

My head hurts

[During Valentines Day, Francis' Bank of Liberty card received a large sum of money. Exactly the same amount that he spent when he booked Rory in to the top class hotel to be precise the joys of internet banking.
9th-Feb-2011 10:09 pm - [Action Post]
Since a...brief conversation on Francis' blog Rory has been 'missing'.

That is, phone turned off, not responding to emails and even informing the University that they would need someone to cover her classes as she was unavailable.

The reality was, however, that she gone to the source of her rift with Francis drunk and refusing to leave. It wasn't fair on Veronika, maybe if she was in a more stable state of mind she would realize exactly how easily she could twist the Czech woman around her finger, but Rory didn't care.

Veronika had arranged the guest room for her.

She wasn't in there by the morning though...
1st-Feb-2011 12:07 pm - OOC: Unplanned hiatus
...., *sigh*
Kay, I'm about to go up to hospital due to kidney pains. Not sure how long it will be but...to be on the safe side...

Edit: Kidney infection, will be doped out on painkillers for the next week.
I bought another ring.

I don't know why, she's probably already with another. She is funny, smart, gorgeous have to be an eejit to reject her.

...Like me...
Nervous Flirt, Uhhhh

The night had been a dreamless one thanks to the amount of pills Lyndsey had taken, wanting nothing more than to hide from the world. As such it was almost noon by the time he woke up. He probably shouldn't of started up his computer.

Heh... I guess- I don't have to feel guilty about Attis-

It was silly, they had (technically) broken up the day before but and not helped by how unaware he was of the previous entry it hurt to see how quickly Marianne seemed to of gotten over him.He chose not to reply to the blog entry, deciding that the only reason he could see it was to get that sort of reaction out of.

What he really needed was a drink.


To: Penny
Sent: 2pm Sunday 23rd

Are you up for a pub crawl?

To: Johannes
Sent: 2.02pm Sunday 23rd

Think you can pull a sicky so you can got for a drink?

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